Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.  Now, here’s a little about me.

Growing up in Scotland, Alaska and Canada instilled in me a deep sense of love for the outdoors and nature; I was first on skis before I even went to school, and was building tree forts and making fires at the age of nine.

I’ve always had a thing for mountains and snow and have been lucky enough to spend a year in Whistler, Canada, and holidays backcountry snowboarding in Iceland and Scotland. In 2013, with a group of pals, I climbed the technical Western Breach (via the Umbwe Route) of Mt Kilimanjaro to reach the summit at 5895m, unsupported.

But I haven’t always been a runner, let alone an ultra runner.  This has only been in the last couple of years.

I’d dabbled in occasional shorter runs when younger, but it was completing a half marathon in 2012 that got me wondering: could I run a marathon?  It scared me so much that I decided to just enter, and figured I’d work out how to actually run the thing later on.

Edinburgh Marathon in 2013 was my first and I loved it! OK I hated the last 6 miles as I hobbled in pain with cramp (not enough pre-marathon mileage), but I loved that I had been in those dark moments and still managed to push through.  The endurance and mental element of it all completely fascinated and intrigued me. OK so I survived a marathon. How far could I go?

Six months later I ran the Glencoe trail marathon, a completely different beast with hilly climbs and rocky descents. Training for that saw me running around the Pentland Hills, near Edinburgh, with my backpack full of snacks, free to continue for as long as my legs could go for. And so began my love of trail running.

The progression from marathon to ultra marathon seemed like a logical step in the quest to see how far I could go, and I completed the gruelling 30 mile Clif Bar Lakes Ten Peaks last year. And from there, multi-day ultra marathons were another logical step.  This year I completed the 230km 5-day Ice Ultra above the Arctic Circle in Sweden, and the 400km 8-day Cape Wrath Ultra in Scotland. Both incredible, and incredibly tough.

Running and my love of the outdoors has taken me all over the world, but I feel so lucky to be able to call Edinburgh, Scotland my home.  From here I can easily run up nearby Blackford Hill, or be in the Highlands of Scotland or the Lake District in England in only a few hours.

The outdoors has been such an incredible playground for me and I find a real sense of peace and calm surrounded by nature. I am passionate about doing all we can to leave our world in a good place for future generations.